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Joe's Mechanical is here to help you install your tankless water heater. We proudly install A.O. Smith tankless water heater and are sure we can find the right water heating solution for you.

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We carry A.O. Smith Tankless Water Heaters

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A. O. Smith Tankless Gas Water Heater Features:

Heating water only as it is needed means you will never run out of hot water again. A.O. Smith Gas Tankless water heaters are available in condensing and non-condensing units to fit your needs. Save Energy, Space and Money.

  •   Worlds leading manufacturer of water heaters.
  •   145 years of water heating
  •   High Efficiency
  •   Broad product line
  •   199k BTU
  •   10+ GPM
  •   Up to A 15 Year Warranty

Almost every home in the United States of America has a water heater. Today we take for granted how easy it is to just turn on the hot water. In the Wabash valley Joe's Mechanical has been helping our neighbors and customers heat their hot water. We understand hot water and how we use it everyday in our lives.

We don't overlook how important hot water is to our lives and neither should you. If you have an issue with your hot water system let us know we are the Terre Haute, Indiana hot water experts and our staff can help you fix your water heating problems.

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Furnace repair is a call away!

Tankless Water Heater Features

  •   Higher Efficiency
  •   Only heat the water you use
  •   Instant Hot Water
  •   Wifi enabled (most new tankless water heaters are wifi enabled)
  •   Saves money
  •   Can be installed in smaller spaces
  •   Safer and not prone to leakage
  •   Easy to winterize if a vacation home, no more draining

Tankless Water Heating

New tankless water heating technology is here to stay. More and more Americans are switching from traditional tank type water heating to tankless. There is variety of reasons but mostly because in the long run depending on usage rates it can be cheaper to maintain and use.

Furnace repair is a call away!
Furnace repair is a call away!

A.O Smith Electric and Gas Tank Water Heaters

At Joe's Mechanical we install A.O. Smith Water heaters. They are a brand name that you can trust and have been around since 1899! They offer a broad range of both Electric, Gas and tankless water heaters. With their pro-line of water heaters they have a product that fits your needs. If you have a question about what water heater is right for you contact us and one of our water heating experts will help you find the water heating solution for you.

Tankless hot water heaters work as follows

  • Tap turns on for hot water
  • Flow sensor detects call for hot water and sends signal to control panel
  • Control panel turns on the fan, gas valve and burner
  • The heat exchanger heats the water through copper piping manifold
  • The mixing valve mixes in cold water with the super hot water giving you an exact temperature
  • A sealed vent vents the exhaust outside.
  • You enjoy your hot water in seconds.

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