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Almost every home in the United States of America has a water heater. Today we take for granted how easy it is to just turn on the hot water. In the Wabash Valley Joe's Mechanical has been helping our neighbors and customers heat their hot water. We understand hot water and how we use it everyday in our lives.

We don't overlook how important hot water is to our lives and neither should you. If you have an issue with your hot water system let us know we are the Terre Haute, Indiana hot water experts and our staff can help you fix your water heating problems.

  •   Licensed, Bonded, & Insured
  •   Local, Family Owned Business
  •   24/7 Emergency Service
  •   Financing Available

Tankless Maintenance

  • We'll provide consistent scheduled maintenance for your tankless water heater
  • Experience a reduction or the elimination of unplanned downtime or parts failures
  • You'll enjoy reliable consistent operation of your tankless system
  • Predictable budgeting with a fixed annual agreement for either businesses or homeowners
  • Maintain maximum efficiency by consistently maintaining water heaters in peak operating condition
  • Protect you investment: proper maintenance will prolong equipment life
  • We'll provide the peace of mind of a safe reliable system
  • You'll have priority scheduling should any unscheduled repair be necessary

Keeping your tankless water heating running smooth and efficient is our business. At Joe's Mechanical we are tankless water heating experts. We proudly install A.O. Smith water heaters but can service any brand. If you have a gas fired tankless water heater and need service or maintenance give us a call.

Tankless water heater repair is a call away!
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Tankless repair is a call away!

Is there anything worse than a cold shower? After your furnace and air conditioner your water heater is the most important unit in your home. No one wants a cold shower. At Joe's Mechanical we understand your hot water needs. We have been installing, servicing and replacing all types of water heaters for the last 25 years.

Tankless Water Heater Tune-ups

The steps required for system maintenance vary a bit based on the age of your equipment, and its condition prior. However, these are the typical steps we take on a tankless tune-up visit:

  • Annual service (or more frequently if water conditions required)
  • Flush the tankless water heater to remove sediment and calcium from the heat exchanger
  • Clean the inlet water filter
  • Inspect the flame sensor and clean if necessary
  • Inspect the T & P valve
  • Carefully Inspect the venting system and vent termination
  • If appropriate, inspect and clean the condensing water drain system
  • Test fire the system, and verify accurate water temperature delivery

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